Just. Worship. God.

August 7, 2010

As I sit here on the terrace of my apartment building and stare out into the night, I wonder… “Am I doing everything I can to… Just Worship God?”  Am I focused in on Him, the Maker of all, the Almighty Savior? Or am I so distracted by all of the clutter in life? If God were to walk up to me physically right now, would I know Him? Would I recognize Him? Would I drop everything I was doing at that moment to stop and worship Him? I pray I would.

Truth be told, I have been distracted at times.  I have been tempted to want my own ideals and not what God has for me and for those at my church.  Admit it, though; you have too, haven’t you? You’ve wanted to say “But look what (Insert Random Successful Church Here) is doing! They rock! We have to do what they’re doing!”  Now I realize that it’s a whole different blog post to discuss a “successful” church, so I won’t go there (for now).  That statement, though, is what we get so hung up on in our lives.  It is half true and half false.

On the false side: It’s wrong to say in the sense that we can’t simply mimic worship… true worship, I mean.  In my world, true worship doesn’t come from fantastic, well-trained musicians, awesome bumper videos or light shows, or anything else “techie.”  True worship comes from within.  It comes from the true desire to seek something, to yearn for that thing, to hold it in such high esteem that it completely consumes you.

On the true side, that statement echoes what we need to get: “what they have.”  That worship that is portrayed in “that other church” doesn’t come from the worship leader, the pastor, the deacons, or anywhere else.  It doesn’t come from a huge offering.  It doesn’t come from huge crowds. What it DOES come from is people… US… getting over ourselves and coming before the King of Kings with a longing to worship Him, no matter whether or not we “get something out of it.”

What are some ways that you have been guilty of clouding up your worship? What are some things that have been distracting to your absolute surrender to God? What are some things that you are choosing to not rid yourself of because “I’m just not ready yet”? When is the last time you allowed yourself to… just… worship God?

Pastor Brian

We Give You Praise
When the road is rough and steep
And it leads a heart to weep
There’s a ocean of tears
That you’ve caught through the years
But we’re not stopping here
On this long and winding street
Will You guide these weary feet
Every step that we take
With our hearts full of faith
And we’re not stopping here
Together we are stronger
So put Your hand in mine
We give You praise
We give You praise
And the King of all the earth
Has saved us from ourselves
We give You praise
Through the avenues of time
Here You meet me where I am
We walk with glory and pain
And You’ve broken the chains
So there’s no stopping here
We sing glory in the darkness
There You shine let shine let shine let it shine

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  1. roxiebrooks said

    Pastor Brian, This is an excellent write up! Thank you for sharing your heart! I must say that I do not worship God as I should OR want to! Thank you for stirring my heart as this has done!! Roxie

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