Small Groups?

September 20, 2010

Today’s post is a bit different than others. I’ve been throwing out my information about how I believe we should worship God, but… well… quite honestly I haven’t heard from hardly anyone.
So my post today is this:

Does your church have a small group format? If so, what do you call them? Small Groups? Community Groups? Cell Groups? Super Awesome Fun Time Learn About Jesus Groups?
How does your church facilitate people wanting to sign up for small groups? Is there a group size limit? How do you choose when and where to meet? What happens if someone can’t make it? How do you choose what to study; does the church appoint specific material or does the group/leader choose?

I want to hear your stories about small groups. Leave a comment below. Thanks!


One Response to “Small Groups?”

  1. sumpteretc said

    Our church has three cell groups. They are divided by geographical regions. They meet each week to discuss the sermon that was preached on Sunday. This gives people the opportunity to process the sermon and to ask questions that might have. It also allows those who missed church to get in on some of the content from Sunday. There are announcements made about the groups each week, and people are encouraged to get involved. The groups basically meet whenever the majority of the people have available time.

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