Monday Musings

October 11, 2010

What’s the first thing you think of when I say “Church”?

Hopefully, the first word into your mind was something like “people”, “loving”, “welcoming”, “community”, “life”, “caring”, “compassionate”, or the like. Honestly, I would even settle for a simple “God.”

Sadly, though, for probably more of you than I’d like to think, none of those words came to mind. For some of you, the first descriptor dancing around your noggin was something such as “building”, “judgmental”, “snobby”, “club”, “boring”, “rude” or something similar. Why is this? I’m not saying it’s not true; it’s entirely true.

The real question, however, is “Why has the church become this way?” Better yet, why have we as the church been okay with becoming this way? Nobody forced us to become what we are today; it was our choice; it’s always been our choice.

When Christ walked the Earth some 2,010 years ago, he didn’t seek those who wanted to make buildings for him; he didn’t seek after those that wanted to form a group that would come together because they were all the same. I would even venture to say that he didn’t want a group of people that would simply be content to gather, mutter a few songs, listen to an hour of speaking from some chosen orator, and then leave feeling better about themselves because they “went to church.” But it’s what we do. We do it every single week, don’t we?

When Christ walked among us as a man, he wanted those that would leave whatever they were doing… jobs, trades, hobbies, sometimes even family members… and follow him and obey his teaching. He wanted those that were willing to give up any securities or comforts that this world has to offer and passionately pursue the lessons he was giving them.

He didn’t want people who would follow him out of obligation. He didn’t want people to follow him out of guilt. He wanted people who wanted him; he wanted followers whose appetite for him could never be quenched.

So how about you? Do you attend church regularly?
– If so, why? What keeps you coming back? Is it the message? Is it the music? Is it the lights or building? Or is it the truth that is being taught and LIVED by the body of believers?
– If you don’t, why? Have you ever been a regular attender? Were you driven away, perhaps by something I described above? Would you ever give another body of believers a chance if you saw them living the way that Jesus actually taught in the Bible?

Now I know this post doesn’t apply to every single church; it probably “doesn’t apply to your church” (at least I hope it doesn’t). I also realize I’m probably going to get some hate mail for this; I’m okay with that. I’m not condemning; I’m just calling attention to the 5-ton elephant in the room that nobody seems to want to talk about.

We’ve become lazy, church. In a time when there are still nations and regions where people can’t gather to worship for the fear of being killed, we’re taking corporate worship for granted. There is an epidemic spreading throughout the church like wildfire: passive worship. In other words, people that show up, listen to the “good message”, sing the songs, and then walk out the door completely unchanged. I pray I never become like that. God is too good, and life is too short.

Love God. Love people. Change your world.


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  1. roxiebrooks said

    Great post again! It made me think about my realization as to why I was going to church. A few years ago I asked myself the same question. My answer was…”Because that’s what my parents expected of me.” but now that I’m my own adult, I’ve come to the conclusion that I love going to church. I love to worship and learn. And I love my church family! Thankful for the anointing on my Pastor! God bless you Brian as you continuing doing these posts! They do bless me greatly! Prayfully, Roxie

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