Thursday Thoughts

October 14, 2010

A couple of weekends ago, I was privileged enough to attend David Crowder’s Fantastical Church Music Conference on the campus of Baylor University in Waco, TX.  It was an absolutely amazing time as there were well over 2,000 worship pastors and other church staff in attendance.  (Try being in a room with Hillsong London and 2,000+ other people singing praises to God at the top of their lungs and not being completely overwhelmed by God; not possible.)

While I was there, there was one question that was presented to us on a number of occasions.  It was a question that many of us don’t even think about, or if asked would give a short half-planned response.  The question that all the facilitators kept asking was this: “Why Do You Sing?”  Sounds pretty simple, right?  Now the question isn’t “What physical attributes allow you to sing” or “Do you like to sing”; no, the question is “Why Do You Sing?”  What is it the very reason for you to sing?

To me, this question took a few seconds to fully digest and to start thinking of my response.  Simply enough, I sing because it’s what I believe I was created to do.  I’m not saying that I’m the best singer in the world, or that I even have a highly-desired voice (although thankfully my church people seem to think I’m something special, and I’m not going to try and convince them otherwise; I love my job!).  What I will say, though, is that I connect with God through song in a way that it seems I can’t fully do otherwise.  The word “sing” is mentioned in the KJV Bible on 169 separate occasions; “song” is mentioned in 61 separate occasions.  What I’m trying to say is this: singing is kind of a big deal.

I sing. I sing throughout my day. I sing throughout good times and bad. I sing in all seasons. I sing in all places. I sing alone or with others. I sing because God’s song cannot be silent within me; I HAVE to tell about it.

So… I ask again; what is it for you?  “Why Do You Sing?”


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  1. roxiebrooks said

    I sing because it is a true form of worship to my Savior for all He has done for me!! What I find hard, is to sing and worship Him when things are not so good, but that is when I am blessed the most! Keep blogging Brian! You make me think!!


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