Monday Musings

October 18, 2010

“If I could just do _______”; “If I could just be _______”;”I’d do _______ with all my heart.”  A lot of us have said those statements or something at least very similar to it.  Some of us have even prayed things like “God, please let me be able to do _______” or “It’d be great if you could open up ________.”

So what is it?  What’s in that blank for you?  What are you clinging to that might not be the right answer?  Is it possible that God is saying “Look… you asked Me for this; I don’t really think that’s best for you right now.  What you really need is this: ________.”  What’s worse, though, is that oftentimes as humans in all our finite splendor, we still push the issue.  We see what God has gifted us with, and we know that He’s closing a certain door, and we see the open window that He gave us.  Unfortunately, instead of looking to see what’s out that window and acting appropriately, we use that window to yell out at our world around us how unfair life is that we’re “stuck” in this room.  We would rather use that window of opportunity to discourage others, to sulk in our own mental muck, or to simply stare at and think of “what could have been.”

Are you doing that?  Has God closed a door for you? Are you staring out the window, yelling at “those meddling neighbor kids”?  Why?

God has a plan to help you grow.  He wants to rock your world, and to use you for greater thing in His Purpose… but you have to submit to doing it His way.
“I know what I’m doing. I have it all planned out—plans to take care of you, not abandon you, plans to give you the future you hope for.” ~ Jeremiah 29:11 (The Message translation)
Sometimes the only thing standing in the way of us accomplishing those great things that He has for us is… us.

We’d rather wait for someone else to reach those people.   We’d rather sit back and wonder why God won’t give us one opportunity when He’s got five others lined up waiting for us.  We choose to be upset about not knowing a new song on Sunday rather than seeing those around us that already know the song and are simply lost in His presence. or even simply attempting to connect to the lyrics.  We’d rather… well… you get the point.

I don’t say this to be negative; I know it might seem that way and for that I apologize.  My point from all of this clutter of thoughts is this:  What opportunities are we missing because we’re looking for our answer rather than His?  What gourmet feast are we missing out on because we’re too busy rummaging through the fridge looking for a corndog?  I’m going to take it a step further… perhaps a step too far…

How many people are hearing us call ourselves “Christians” but seeing us live our lives completely out of God’s plan… and how many of those people are WE turning away from Christ because of our un-Christlike actions and words?  How many people are looking for Christ every day, but see “His people” pursuing everything but Him?


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  1. roxiebrooks said

    AMEN! Preach it Brian!! Great post! You always know when to say the right things! I’m praying about a direction right now and I just want to do what GOD wants, not what Roxie wants! Hope He shows me soon! Keep up the good work!! Prayerfully, Roxie

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